Download CotoMovies App for iOS iPhone and iPad : Best Moviebox Alternative!

CotoMovies App for iOS : Hello Guys, I’m writing a post for the first time in 3 months, after seeing a couple of comments on moviebox for ios article. The Moviebox users have expressed their disappointment on moviebox app not working properly since the past 4-5 days. As am enjoying my Christmas holidays, I couldn’t reply to their comments till today. I personally checked on the app and even I see no movies or tv shows in the moviebox app which is kind of awkard. So I came up with an alternative namely: CotoMovies App for iPhone and iPad, which works better than moviebox and has all the movies and tv shows. The App name is Cotomovies App. Although there are a couple of other alternatives too, CotoMovies App seems to be the best of all.

Download CotoMovies App for iOS iPhone and iPad : Best Moviebox Alternative

Cotomovies app is one of the best alternative for moviebox app to use on your iOS devices. I just now installed cotomovies app, it looks better and cooler then moviebox or showbox app itself.

cotomovies app download

Cotomovies App Features :

Here is a list of some of the notable features of Cotomovies for your iphone and iPad .Don’t forget to check showbox for iPhone free.

1. Unlimited Movies & TV Shows

  • The users can watch their desired TV shows, movies, serials and other videos on this Cotomovies app.
  • There is no limit to the content that you wish to watch using the Cotomovies app.

2. Offline Streaming

  • There is an inbuilt video downloader available on Cotomovies that lets the users download their desired movies from the high-speed servers. Just click on “Down Arrow” beside the movie or episode to download, you can see the movie on downloading section as shown below.

Cotomovies app download

  • By doing so, one could easily download and watch your favorite films even when there is no internet connection available.

3. Absolutely Free

  • One of the best things about CotoMovies is that it is available for all the users for free of cost.
  • Without spending a single penny, one can download or stream their favorite stuff.

4. Watch Movies in HD

  • CotoMovies lets the users watch unlimited movies and TV shows in high definition quality.
  • There are different resolutions that include 1080p and 720p.
  • Based on the speed of the internet connection, one can get the best resolution.

5. Automatic Updates

  • The CotoMovies backend team makes sure that the users will gain amazing experience through the content.
  • It sends automatic app push updates to the users regarding the latest movies collection.

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How to Download CotoMovies App on your iPhone and iPad ?

Let us check out how to download CotoMovies app for iOS without waiting more. In order to download CotoMovies app, you require the Emus4u app. Check out the complete guide provided below:

1. Install Emus4u App

  • First of all, download Emus4u app on your iOS device.
  • For that, you need to navigate to iinstaller.net website from your Safari browser.
  • You can then tap the button that says ‘Install onto your device’.
  • You need to give your consent to install this app when a pop-up message displays on the screen.
  • Just tap the ‘Allow’ button and acquire the access to profile management window.
  • Hit the install button and finish the installation using your iDevice password.
  • You can then hit the Install button and proceed with the further Emus4u app installation on iPhone X.

emus4u ios download

2. Download MovieBox for iPhone or iPad :

  • Once you are done with the installation of Emus4u app on your iPhone or iPad, you can launch the application. Double tap on the App then you will see a screen like this.

emus4u ios download

  • At the bottom of your iPhone, you can see the Apps icon click on it. Then you will be shown a screen like below.

moviebox for iOS

  • Scroll down on this page and there you can see moviebox App as shown in the below picture.

download cotomovies on iphone or ipad

  • Click on Get button beside CotoMovies Icon to download CotoMovies on your iPhone. Then you will get a pop-up window asking your permissions to install cotomovies for iOS. click on Install.

install CotoMovies app for iOS

  • Then goback to iphone main menu, wait till the app gets downloaded there you can see cotomovies App icon as shown below.

Cotomovies app download guide

  • You have successfully downloaded CotoMovies on your iPhone, iPad. Now we need to install it.

3. Install CotoMovies App :

  • As this application is not an official application, you have to enable the unknown sources option before installing it.So, the users need to mark the application as a trusted app.
  • For that, Tap on moviebox icon on the main menu of your iOS Device and you will get Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error in a pop-up window on your screen as shown below. Click Cancel and proceed to below step.

Unknown enterprise error cotomovies app

4. Trust the MovieBox App

  • Just click on cancel and Goto Settings Section on your phone, then select General and Scroll down till you see “Profiles & Device Management” section. As shown in the below picture and click on Profiles & Device Management.

Install moviebox on iPad

  • Then click on it you will see a screen like below, click on China Television Information Tech.

install moviebox on iphone ipad

  • Click on then it, then you will be shown something shown as below. Click on Trust “China Mobile Group” as shown below.

CotoMovies App iOS trusting guide

  • Now you will see a screen like below, Click on Trust “China Television Information Tech”. You will get a pop-up window asking you to trust this App. Click on Trust as shown below.

trust cotomovies app on iphone ipad

  • You have successfully installed CotoMovies App on your iOS device. Now goto Main menu on your iPhone or iPad then click on CotoMovies app. You might see an error screen “Switch off Limit Ad Tracking“. Don’t worry click on “Ok“.

Limit ad tracking on cotomovies app

  • Once you click on “OK”, you will be taken to settings screen on your iOS device. Scroll down till you see “Privacy” and click on it as shown below.

privacy on iphone ipad

  • Scroll down until you see analytics and advertising. Click on Advertising as shown below.

advertising cotomovies app error

  • You will see Limit Ad Tracking option turned on bydefault as shown in the picture below. Tap on it to turn off.

Limit Ad Tracking for cotomovies on ios

  • Now go back to main menu on your ios device. Scroll to the page which contains CotoMovies App. Now you can enjoy your favorite movies and tv shows for free.

Note: The only problem with the CotoMovies App is that it shows ads at the beginning of every movie. Just click on the advertisment then click done on top right corner of your screen. Then click on “X” [on left or right at the top of your screen] to close the ad or wait for 10-12 seconds that ad will close automatically and the movie will start streaming.