Showbox not working 2019 February : How to Fix showbox not loading errors?

Showbox is an amazing Android application that allows the people watch their desired movies, TV Series and a lot more. There are numerous streaming apps available on the web that allows the users to stream their preferred content with much ease on various devices. You can stream your desired movies, sports games, TV shows and much more in your preferred quality of the video. According to some survey, Showbox is one of the most downloaded and installed apps from Google Play Store app store marketplace. Showbox is a great application for all the Android users but there are some problems associated with this application. Also, Check how to download Moviebox for iPhone without jailbreak.

Sometimes, people come across the problems like Showbox not working, the app not loading, video not available try another server and Showbox online server errors. If you have ever come across some issues, you can check out the simple solutions provided in this post. We have come up with the best solutions so as to fix these errors related to Showbox application for Android. Check it out! If you an iOS device you can download showbox for iPad from here.

Showbox not working 2019 February : Guide to Fix showbox not loading errors

Here are the simple steps that help the users fix the Showbox application on your Android device in February 2019:

Showbox Not working error how to fix

  • First of all, go to Settings on your Android device.
  • Just click on the General option and hit the Application Manager option on your phone.
  • Navigate to All Applications section on your phone and click on the Showbox app present in it.
  • Open the Showbox application and click on Clear Data and Clear Cache option. This way you can easily delete the whole data and cache on the Showbox application.
  • You can now restart the Showbox application and start watching your desired movies for free in HD quality.Also check how to download showbox for android phones

Fix Showbox Too Slow Error

In case, your Showbox app is working too slow then, you need to fix that error. For that, just follow the below steps:

  • First of all, turn off your Wi-Fi through the network settings.
  • Clear the complete cache on your Android mobile phone that comprises of the app’s cache data.
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi and you need to connect to a certain network connection.
  • That’s all! You can then access the Showbox app without any sluggishness.

Showbox Video Not Available Errors in February 2019 :

At the time of accessing the Showbox app, you might get the error that says ‘video not available. Try another server’. This error usually appears whilst playing a Showbox video. To fix this issue, just follow the below steps:

Showbox video not available error

  • You need to download Opera VPN on your Android phone. It can be downloaded for free of cost.
  • Access the VPN and connect to a server in your selected region.

Select the region

  • Navigate to Settings >> Apps >> Showbox >> Clear data and cache.

Showbox videos not playing error

  • You can then launch the Showbox app again and you can find that the videos are loading precisely.

Showbox has Stopped Working

Reinstallation of Showbox app is the only solution to fix ‘Showbox has stopped working’ error. In order to fix this error, just follow the simple steps provided below:

  • At first, download the latest version of Showbox apk file on your Android device.
  • Ensure that you have downloaded it on your PC.
  • Connect your mobile phone to the computer and transfer the apk file.
  • Access your SD card from your mobile device.
  • You can then begin the installation of Showbox apk.
  • After the completion of installation, you can launch the latest version of Showbox APK file.

Update Showbox to New Version

Update Showbox with a new version

Whenever you try to update the latest version of Showbox app then, the previous version will fail to sync the essential data. As a result, the data will be crashed and you need to confront numerous errors. When you face such issues then, you need to update it with the latest version of Showbox app on Android phone. This aids the users to remove the outdated and corrupted stuff from the app.If your showbox app still doesn’t work you can try these showbox app alternatives to watch movies.

Fix Showbox “Video Not Available Try another Server” Error

After downloading the Showbox app on your Android phone, the users might sometimes come across errors with this app. The app crashes or sometimes, errors pop up on the screen saying video not available try another server. In order to solve such sort of errors, we have come up with the simple solution. Just follow the simple steps to fix this error that appear while using Showbox app.

When you start watching a movie on Showbox app, you might come across video not available try another server error. In order to overcome this issue, you need to update the application to the latest version on your smartphone. You can then clear the cache date from the Settings option. Another solution is to tap on the movie you wish to watch. Just click on the option that says Watch now from the two options. If you do not find the ‘video not available’ on the server, you need to choose between the two server options.

Final Words

That’s all! These are the most frequently caused issues with Showbox online app. Most commonly, we confront Showbox not working error. Hope this tutorial has given you a detailed explanation to fix the Showbox related errors. The users can easily fix or solve the above-mentioned errors using the simple solutions provided in this post. You can now start enjoying your desired movies and TV series with much ease. For more queries and doubts, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments section. We try to send the retort as soon as possible.

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  1. I keep getting vid not available, try another server. Currently unable to watch vids on any server. Download unavailable as well. This is the latest update for Android, 5.09. I’ve cleared data and cache. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled. No effect. Please help.

  2. Why are some movies eg. The martian or 50 shades free never available to watch by streaming or download? It’s a while now that I noticed this. I’ve cleared data and cache as i had too much stuff stored on it but it still shows that after two weeks

  3. There’s only one thing worse than something that doesn’t work. That’s something that doesn’t work the same every time that you got a fight with for an hour to try to figure out how to get it to come on. Every time I try to use it it’s one problem of the other it’s more trouble than it’s worth

  4. Over the last few days I will try and get into a movie or the next episode of a show I’m watching and it will let me click on it but all that comes up is a blurry version of the pic for that show/movie. If it happens while I’m watching a show the error message “server not available” comes up and kicks me off the show page and back to the list of all shows. The “trending” page just has the loading circle on it and never loads. This keeps happening at random times. Every few hours it will work again like normal for awhile and then this will start up again. Had showbox for years and have never seen this.

  5. I can only watch movies or shows when im connected to a wifi network. I have 4G LTE. I have googled this and tried lots of things with settings and what not but still no luck. Tried reinstalling too.

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